An Dat Engineering Co., Ltd was established in 2013, with 5 years of accumulated experience, and the contribution of the employees, we have positioned in the field of construction and supply security solutions for various projects. With the experience of leadership and the continuous development of society, the company has developed the field of electronics, security management, public lighting, contributing to solving the problems of human resources, putting automatic machinery into the application in life.

The company also study and send engineers to survey and learn advanced technology abroad to have knowledge and skills to support customers. The team of young, agile, skilled technicians will assist the customer in terms of technical as well as maintenance of equipment operation.

Through a process not too long but the company has achieved certain achievements, we are cooperating with large partners at home and abroad, construction of many large-scale projects, providing and installation of equipment for high-end housing projects, suitable with the demand for quality products, luxury models, reasonable price. Our company is committed to make customers satisfaction, always keep the prestige in the work, as well as constantly trying to perfect themselves, with our partner firmly hold the principle of Honor - Prestige - Cooperation develop together.

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