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Intercom System

Access Control System – Intercom System is a smart internal communication and access management system. Generally, there are two main parts: Indoor Station and Outdoor Station.

Indoor Station: Designed for installing inside (room, house…). Normally, indoor station is a deivice for receiving calls which has function of confirming and ordering permission to open the door, integrated touchscreen, micro, and loudspeaker.

Outdoor Station: Designed for installing outside, separate area for guests to contact with interiors. Normally, outdoor station is integrated a camera, keyboard, microphone, call button and other reading deivices such as fingerprint, card reader…

The application of Intercom system is often used for access management in high-rise buildings, hotels and high-end apartments. In the Intercom system, there is a set of center located in the reception area or security room to confirm and allow customers to enter or exit. To villa, Intercom system will be abridged to a doorbell system with a Video Doorphone.


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