Video Doorphone D2009

Hệ thống intercom đang được sử dụng tại tất cả các tòa nhà cao tầng hiện nay, sảm phẩm mang lại lợi ích tối đa cho người dùng trong việc giao tiếp, liên lạc nội bộ tòa nhà. 

Video Doorphone D2009

Nowadays, Intercom system is being used in all buildings that brings maximum benefits for users in communication in the whole buildings.

The users no longer have to move up and down to pick up their own guests, they can directly receive and confirm their visitor’s information, then call automatic elevators to take the visitors to their apartment floor. It is worth to exchange for unoccupied. Moreover, in the development technology age, automatic devices supporting life make people curiously want to approach that stimulates the growth of technology as well as the reason why experts research, take full advantages of modern, automatic technology, invent many devices which have much new function to serve human’s purposes.

The devices do not work individually. They work by different details and Lan network system to constitute a stable perfect system.

With the Intercom D2009 system, our company provided 2 systems for StarHill – Phu My Hung in 2014 and 2 systems served for 763 apartments with over 3000 residents in Happy Valeys.

With elegant, easy-to-use design, all controls are in your hand, our Intercom system is appreciated the high consequence of security management of the buildings.


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